Author: Omsimods


Omsi 2 – Scania Citywide GN14 v 2.0

Scania Citywide GN14 v 2.0 bus mod for Omsi 2. What’s added: Changed the cash register (Id: 9691 Pin: 1805) All doors open with the buttons manually Changed monitor at the driver (near the...


Omsi 2 – Repaint SIA Rigas Satiksme

Repaint SIA Rigas Satiksme mod for Omsi 2. Repainting is created on the bus Solaris Urbino IV How to put a repainting: Replace the texture folder in the file with the bus Repainting is...


Omsi 2 – Cairo Map

I present you a map of the city of Cairo in Egypt. There are no traffic lights, there are not enough marking areas. In short, the road is a total chaos. Roads are often...