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Bronitsyn Map Omsi2

A small fictitious trolleybus map of the Bronitsyn town. Also in the archive there is a voice informant to the map. There is one route number 1 on the map (Brick factory – Dispatch...


Large Village Map V0.5 Omsi2

A large, interesting map consisting of several combined maps such as: Omninsk 4.1, Russian Outback 1.9, Gostomysl, Suzdal, Gorodets.Now you can ride from Omninsk to Gorodets! There are 28 routes on the map. It is necessary...


Michurino Map V0.8 Omsi2

Large village map. Contains 4 routes. Perfect for weak PCs! In this version, the map has undergone significant changes:The city part has been rebuiltOn the route of the former route 49, the 4-lane highway has been...


Private Sector Builder for Maps Omsi2

A set of objects for the rapid construction of rural areas using the “constructor” method. Significantly facilitates and speeds up the construction process compared to spline counterparts.There are 10 types of fences with gates in...