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LiAZ 5256.35 2005 Bus V1.0 Omsi2

LiAZ 5256.35 2005 bus for Omsi2. This bus is a modification of LiAZ 5256.26 from Dhanny. The bus has three .bus files. They are distinguished by the sounds of bridges and gearboxes1. Voith Diwa, bridge...


Ikarus 280T Bus Omsi2

Ikarus 280T bus for Omsi 2. Spend the May holidays on the updated Hungarian classic – Ikarus 280T!Small alteration and revision of Kakp projects. The list of changes, in contrast to the Ikarus 280t,...


Nikolsky District Map V2.0 Omsi2

Nikolsky District map for Omsi 2. An old Russian map, which was created for the 1st OMSI. The project includes both the urban center and the suburban area, which serve routes 5 and 41. The map...


LiAZ 5292.71-78 Restyling Omsi2

LiAZ 5292.71-78 Restyling bus for Omsi 2. Drive around Moscow and other karts with this new gas bus! Features: -Changed cabin-Updated sounds-New doors-New seats-New buttons to warn the driver about the exit at the next...


Add-on Citybus 628c & 628g LF Omsi2

Citybus 628c & 628g LF – add-on for OMSI 2 depicting realistic buses manufactured in Turkey, dedicated to Middle-East Europe, cheaper version of bus called a o530 produced in Germany. Most popular in Poland,...