Omsi2 – Add-on Konstal 4N

This is the first large free addon where there is a map (download map) and a tram to it, you will be given a Polish tram Konstal 4N which has 3 configurations (1, 2, and 3 cars), you will ply along the 25th route of the Polish city of Poznan, not like on the bus, the gas / brake controller has positions, with one push of the 8/2 button there will be +/- 1 position, braking resistor, the last brake position will have an emergency brake, rheostatic braking at low speeds is useless, you have to use manual braking brake, door control too, another that would open or close the door you need to hold the button and not just press, the tram management is:
E – Raise the pantograph
M – Turn on the power
N / R – Reverse (2 times you have to press to switch from the rear to the forward and back)
8/2 – Gas and brake
5 – The initial position of the controller
. (Y) – Emergency brake
H – Call
N – Bell
+/- – Hand brake force
This addon has a jamb, sometimes there is a bug with a handbrake with the auto clutch on (the traction is not lowered and the brake can not stop the tram and sometimes the handle of the handbrake is spinning forever), this is corrected by enough 5 seconds of gas supply if you think that the timetables no, then switch the time until 14:00, the quality of the card depends on the graphics settings, the map as for me is in the development stages, can change a lot.

Authors: Michał Stobienia, concept: Benjamin Zekavica, sounds: Patryk Bednarczyk, Mikołaj Vottero, Michał Stobienia, GamesAry Publishing & Media, Dennis Pitz, Beta Test: Patryk Bednarczyk, Patryk Chruścicki, Jakub Dąbrowski, Dominik Kucharek, Piotr Lenartowicz , map: Pitoras and Michausto.

Instructions for launch: Press E (raise the pantograph), then press M (turn on the power), then turn the valve above you clockwise (access to control of gas and brake), put the reverse forward (D), and all, press 8 and we drove off if the friend of the tram after the start of the stroke immediately began to stop turning the valve from the beginning to the hour and then back.

Download Poznan Tram (Required)

Authors: N/A 
File Details:  RAR / 174 MB
Omsi2 – Add-on Konstal 4N Download -

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