Omsi 2 – Solaris Urbino Electricfamilie “Blue Sky” V2.5

A small modification that adds 12 meters to PL Fashion Electric Solaris, both 2 doors and 3. In addition, there are several versions. I think everyone will understand that in

Version 2.5 I give you 18 meter cars with both 3 and 4 doors. There is a crack in the 4-door version (full / small cab, Polish RG controller, the door opens inwards). I also tried to organize the texture folder more clearly. Repaintow templates (White Wolf) are also included in the package.

Modification required: Solaris Urbino – Mega Pack

BVG Printer Input: 9691
PIN 1805

Transmission : Automatic

Password: 1L73g47_m0dd3R

Authors: piotr88010, Marc 
File Details:  RAR / 458 MB
Omsi 2 – Solaris Urbino Electricfamilie “Blue Sky” V2.5 Download - Google Drive

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  1. Richard says:

    PLS I need the Solaris Buses….

  2. sara says:

    so she was in touch

  3. dari says:

    la contraseña no funciona

  4. Duka Aladár says:

    Incorrect password!

  5. Duka Aladár says:

    Incorrect password!nem jó a jelszó!!!

  6. lol says:


  7. ElYouKay says:

    2137_1L73g47_m0dd3R2 <—- here's the password for the archive

  8. Javon Mckee says:


  9. Kuba7T says:

    this Link dosen’t work please reload

  10. david says:

    link is dead

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