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Omsi2 – Laz E183A1 Bus

The assembly is not the final version. The mod is based on the LAZ A183 bus.Performance is guaranteed only on version 2.3.004 of the game. (it should work on Nikolaich too) Gearbox: Automatic


Omsi2 – Karosa B961 / B961E

Good quality models.There are various repaints. Gearbox: Automatic Authors: Model: marty515 Script: MR, Daniel94, marty515 Sound: marty515, Redgunn, Lachy Texture: marty515, Lachy


Omsi2 – Paz 320402-05 Bus V0.9

Build 0.9 Not final version.Works on game version 2.3.004 . One modification – urbanNumber of seats: 17 + 1Total capacity: 53Box: mechanics (automatic clutch ) Gearbox: Mechanical