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Omsi2 – Paz 32053 Police

Paz 32053 Police repaint for Omsi 2. I decided to make a repainting for myself, I thought maybe someone might need it, I decided to post it. Police repainting from real life. Repainting goes like a...


Omsi2 – Paz 3204 Repaints Pack

Pack of 9 repaints for groove 3204, some repaints are completely taken from real prototypes, and some are completely invented. Installation: Put the contents of the archive in 1_PAZ_3204_02 \ Texture \ repaints_3204


Omsi 2 – Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 12D Repainting Mod

Repainting 1 – yellow Mostransavto completely nonexistent, created as an example in 10 minutes.Repainting 2 – Mostransavto is an existing repainting, but never used on these sprinters. Used on younger sprinters.Repainting 3 – Express Baranovichi-Minsk...