Add-on Chicago Downtown Omsi2

Catch a fresh breeze for OMSI 2: Chicago is the third largest city of the U.S. and delivers an unique scenario with completely new vehicles and scenery objects. Welcome to “Windy City” at Lake Michigan!

Two buses (40-feet and 60-feet articulated) included, featuring hybrid and Diesel drive, multiple paintworks, authentic operation controls and sounds.

20 miles of streets have been reproduced and brought into the game with all crossings and buildings to achieve a realistic picture. Leave the depot garage in the suburbs and head downtown on the highway. You will operate lines 124 and 130 with 60 stops in total.

Navigate through street canyons, tunnels and enjoy the gaze of Chicago’s skyline over the shimmering water. Don’t get delayed by drawbridges, stopping delivery vans and garbage trucks simulated by exclusive AI events.

All street objects and vegetation was rebuilt from scratch. A fleet of 17 brand-new AI vehicles plus ships and trains, US-American passenger voices and new passenger interactions (farecard scan and missed stop complaint) complete the atmosphere of Chicago.

Numerous specific features were created for this scenario, e.g. bike transport on the front racks, scanning farecards and cash payment on the farebox. The real bus schedules were integrated as well as a new roster system.

New sight helpers on route and the sightseeing information in the manual will give you the opportunity to discover famous and surprising sights in the city.

Also included are original station announcements, documentation material about the bus operations and templates to customize buses.

Authentic reproduction of Chicago bus lines 124 and 130.
Two buses (40 ‘and 60’ articulated) with diesel and hybrid drive
Original sounds, paint and all realistic controls
9 miles of bus routes with 60 stops, 11 miles of additional road
Buses and trains run on all authentic local routes.
Numerous attractions and off-road
Detailed Accessible Depot Garage in Western Suburbs
Drive towards the city center on the interstate highway.
17 new AI cars plus ships and trains.
Random events challenging the bus driver: drawbridges, stopping vans and garbage trucks.
US passengers announce new actions (scan map, missed stop complaint)
New fare and list system
Authentic station announcements and timetables

Authors: Darius Bode, Aerosoft GmbH  Add-on Chicago Downtown Omsi2 Download -

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