Baz A079 Odessa Tuning Omsi2

Tuning “Odessa” is a Baz from the city of Odessa.

The tuning includes: Cab blinds
Beer box,
New door sound,
New braking sound,
New textures, A
lock on the gas tank flap (almost all classic minibuses) (4 screen),
New passcode,
And the stop request sound has also been replaced.

Tuning goes along with the bus.

Installation: move the contents of the archive to the Vehicles folder.

Authors: - 
File Details:  RAR / 148.5 MB
Baz A079 Odessa Tuning Omsi2 Download -

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2 Responses

  1. Rauf says:

    Why isn’t the car moving? I put D gear, it won’t go. Please help

  2. Ovali Ovali Tay says:


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