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Omsi2 – Sounds for LiAZ 5292.22

Another ZF box for 5292, but it’s 2014, there’s also new door sounds. Sounds good but there are a couple of bugs, everything is written in the Read Me file (including Authors) All the content...


Omsi2 – Russian voice of grandmothers

Russian voice of grandmothers sound mod for Omsi2. This addition adds Russian voice acting to grandmothers (which I never found). Do not judge strictly… The nature of grandmothers made grumpy and scandalous (without a...


Omsi2 – Sound patch for MAZ-105.060

This patch adds more or less realistic sounds to MAZ-105.060 buses from this MAZ package Installation Instructions: 1) Open the archive using WinRar 2) In the archive, open the folder 105060_soundpatch 3) The Vehicles...