LiAZ 5292.71-78 Restyling Omsi2

LiAZ 5292.71-78 Restyling bus for Omsi 2.

Drive around Moscow and other karts with this new gas bus!

-Changed cabin
-Updated sounds
-New doors
-New seats
-New buttons to warn the driver about the exit at the next stop (Stop buttons)

Of the minuses, there are no caps.

Gearbox : Automatic

Authors: Elite_Xen (Egor Dolinger) 
File Details:  ZIP / 337 MB
LiAZ 5292.71-78 Restyling Omsi2 Download - Google Drive

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  1. Denis Khutskiy says:

    Hello, it’s my photos. I don’t like this…

  2. RNP says:

    Cann`t download add-on error “File not found. Possible causes of the error: the specified URL is incorrect or the file does not exist.”

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