Omsi 2 – MAN Lion’s City A21 v1.1

MAN Lion’s City A21 v1.1 bus mod for Omsi 2.

The developers of “V3D Studios” published MAN Lion’s City A21, which was in construction for more than one year, for OMSI. Additional features and improvements should appear in future updates. In addition, some hybrid versions are in development.

For the bus, two different engines, the ERV and the Euro 6 version, each with a Voith and ZF gearbox, are available for selection. MAN Lion’s City has two doors, the rear door opens and closes automatically. Unlike many other buses, MAN Lion’s City has an air conditioner like SPHEROS SC-1000.

Authors:  V3D Studios 
File Details:  RAR / 177 MB
Omsi 2 – MAN Lion’s City A21 v1.1 Download -

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