Omsi2 – Add-On London V1.0

Welcome to the UK capital, London, the UK’s first official map and bus add-on for OMSI 2 with left-hand traffic. Pick up one of the biggest cars on the streets of the capital. Drive through traffic on a narrow course, or relax on tranquil routes throughout London.

There are 16 routes to discover and hours of gameplay await you. Take a midibus on Tuls Hill and Hearn Hill, or a double-decker bus on one of London’s busiest routes from Streetham, via Brixton, past Big Ben and to Marble Arch. You will have to discover a huge number of streets and iconic places. All of them have been painstakingly recreated in the addon based on the photos transferred into the game.

London is one of the most detailed additions. Four new buses are available, all built with cutting-edge technology, including a re-created iBus. This provides an impressive immersion experience and a unique gameplay experience every time!

In addition to buses, look out for the emergency services that may rush past, or the postal worker who bypasses them, and the original London taxis that pick up and drop off passengers.

Precise sound sets courtesy of TFL, creating a great immersive experience unlike anything else seen before. Start your journey from carefully modeled warehouses. Refuel at a gas station or wash the bus at the end of the day. Be careful with the depot and follow the speed limits and regulations to keep everyone safe.

Get ready – London is calling!


  • First time left-hand traffic in OMSI 2
  • 16 Routes covering south London with over 200 bus stops and over 30 miles of road.
  • A broad amount of new AI, along with new AI trains and emergency vehicles.
  • Authentic announcements
  • Streets are filled with true to life visuals, painlessly photographed by the developer for your enjoyment.
  • Recreated iBus and Powerblinds, with full functionality as per real life.
  • 4 Buses comprehensively detailed: New Routemaster, Citybus 400, Citybus 200, B5LH / Evociti.
  • Many hours of gameplay and no playtime feels the same as the last.
  • Interactive route diagrams to assist you in completing your journey.
  • Route curtailments that creates deviations and differs the user experience.
  • Dynamic events, roadworks, diversions, etc.
  • 5 Depots to start your London adventure from.
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    how good Is omsi2?

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    Please i want to play it

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    it is good because everybody does play it of an time –

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