Omsi2 – Friedrichshagen Fantasy v5

ATTENTION, ATTENTION please only use this map V5 update

Friedrichshagen Fantasy V5 update (Bus Tram Map 01)

Addon city bus 0305 is required

Otherwise there are errors or white sky A Tram & Bus Map 01 is in play

Please read PDF is important

Who is missing the splins, please press up. HallObjects-Caution-Tram-Splines

Please note the intatalation that no mistakes occur thanks

Friedrichshagen Fantasy V5 update

GTM6 Tram where no one can get in you can only drive.

Who owns the addon Tram_NF6D can also

Driving and the announcements go there too.

and here you will find the repaint please link please press NF6D repaint_new

Many thanks to Michael Rockelmeyer is not in forum
Would like to introduce you to My 4 Map and it is called Friedrichshagen Fantasy V5 update

The map is from Brandenburg near Berlin and it is about

Friedrichshagen to Alt Rüdersdorf where the Tram 88

Drives, and I try to recreate them for you, but is fantasy track,

that means it is about 60% / 40% original (stops of Tram 88 are original)

and the rest stops Fantasy the map So NICHR REAL.

Attention I ask you in about 5 days if I can do the update with downloading there is the PDF revised as the Ortner missing objects that it can no longer be loaded in, say thank you

The map has announcements and Euro Mod

New timetable new yard file are included with

Warning Caution Who needs Map V5 from Friedrichshagen only.

Exchange 1 map.

2 Exchange file from yard

Please leave 3 announcements

4 Very important The PDF file Lessen is route and driving info.

The Schöneicher-Rüdersdorfer tram now runs the route in 30-

Minute intervals. On weekends, a replacement bus runs every 30 minutes.

File Details:  RAR / 106 MB
Omsi2 – Friedrichshagen Fantasy v5 Download -

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