Omsi2 – Golczewo Map V1.0.2

Golchevo – a small town founded in the interwar period, in 1921-1938, expanded in subsequent years. The city has public transport, which is operated by the MSC Golchevo. The map contains six lines, 5 bus lines (including one night and express lines) and one tram line. The road system is poorly modeled compared to Szczecin and other cities, and some areas are real representations of real places in Poland. 
Lines on the map: 
15 – Koranowo Osiedlowa <=> Railway Station 
travel time: approx. 24 min. one way; tramway 
70 – North Gallery <=> Koronna 
travel time: approx. 35 min. one way; express line 
84 – North Gallery <=> Barges 
travel time: approx. 18 min. one way
94 – Barges <=> Raptowskiego School 
travel time: approx. 31-32 min. one way 
96 – Roundabout of Cursed Soldiers Railway Station 
travel time: approx. 9 min. one way 
537 – Koranowo <=> Raptowskiego School 
travel time: approx. 35 min. one way; night line 

Map installation: 
Copy the contents of the Mapa folder from the archive into the game folder. The contents of the archive Patch_1.0.2 install there, agree on a replacement. 

On weak PCs, smooth operation is not guaranteed. The card was tested on the game version 2.3.004

Authors: KMSzczecin 
File Details:  RAR / 2.3 GB
Omsi2 – Golczewo Map V1.0.2 Download -

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