Omsi2 – Marcopolo G7-1200 Scania-K380

The model is of average quality.
There are various repaints.

Transmission : Automatic and mechanical


  • Modelagem, converso, texturas: Possatto
  • IBIS: Franklim Magalhaes (FKN)
  • Rodas e script de terceiro eixo: Luiz Felipe Bonamigo
  • Skins: Possatto, Cyrax Fox
  • Som: Enzo Caldeirini
  • Agradecimentos and Robson Gomes

Installation is simple: Extract the contents of the archive into the Vehicles folder located in the root of the game.

Authors: - 
File Details:  ZIP / 155 MB
Omsi2 – Marcopolo G7-1200 Scania-K380 Download - Google Drive

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