Omsi2 – New Grundorf Map (Russian) Beta

I present to you the Russian alteration of the Grundorf card. The map is presented to you in a beta version. 

On this map, 3 new routes of medium length and length have been added. The longest route goes straight through 3 cities. At first, we thought to make it only a trolleybus, but then we realized that in addition to trolleybuses, there should be another transport. Therefore, instead of 2 routes, 4 routes were made. Route 1 (76) route is almost identical to route 76, but it has a different finite and large interval. Also, we planned to make a light rail, as in Krivoy Rog (Ukraine). But, then We realized that it would be too difficult. For AI traffic to go, register your transport. A patch for download is MANDATORY! Also, there are some errors in the schedule of route number 104. Successful pokatushek

No. 1 Village Gorkovsky – European Avenue – Central District
No. 2 City Embankment – “Leroy Merlin” (Not Advertising) – Central District
No. 3 Khorovino – Dokinsky Lane
No. 104 Pos. Amber – “Leroy Merlin” – Central district

Authors: Sasha Erzin, Andrey Kuzin 
File Details:  RAR / 676.6 MB
Omsi2 – New Grundorf Map (Russian) Beta Download -

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6 Responses

  1. KIril says:

    HOF file?

  2. ZZX says:

    Where’s the HOF file?
    Please enclose these Sceneryobjects: Buildings_Alex, mmiki26, Zigaretten
    Thanks. This will be a nice map.

  3. 生哥 says:

    thanks very much

  4. Preslav Kolev says:

    When I try to open the map, it says “Situation maps/New Grundorf/laststn.osn could not be loaded”. I’ve tried to open the map without buses but when it loads I see only sky.

  5. hi says:

    This Map Have Hof File?

  6. hi says:

    Hof File?

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