Omsi2 – Schelkovo 2019 Map

The final version of the card after much refinement. All patches are included, nothing more to download!
Description: simulated routes in cities served by a / c 1785 Schelkovo.
Present cities: Moscow (the area of ​​the bus station and Schelkovo highway), Schelkovo (with suburbs), Fryazino, Fryanovo, Monino, Losino-Petrovsky, as well as many villages and villages of the Schelkovo district.
There are 43 playable routes on the map (see the description of the map).
Attention! NOT for weak computers!
The archive is maximally shrunk, unpacked 13 GB.

Authors: Omsier Shchel, map completion - michailkarpov154 
File Details:  ZIP / 2.8 GB
Omsi2 – Schelkovo 2019 Map Download -

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