Omsi2 – Starovolksk V0.2.2

Starovolksk is a fictitious map of a small Russian city. Now there are two tram routes on the map:
3 Ivanovo – the village of Krainy (18 min.)
5 Ivanovo-main park (20 minutes)
IMPORTANT: in order for the tram to appear, you need to put time to 0: 0, and then back !!!
The tram will appear in depot number 1.
All comments write in the comments.
Pleasant trips!

Authors: Kozak 
File Details:  ZIP / 585 MB
Omsi2 – Starovolksk V0.2.2 Download -

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  1. Nicolo says:

    the map loads just a blue sky,any ideea what goes wrong?

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