Omsi2 – Supplement №2 for The Map Schelkovo

Greetings to all! My improvement of the Schelkovo map is continuing. This time I decided to diversify traffic on the roads. Added Russian traffic: GAZ, VAZ, UAZ (Loaf), MAZ with a trailer, ZIL and all this in several variations. Traffic used ai_moskur. Updated ailist, parklist maps. 
Installation: unzip the contents of the archive to the root of the game with the replacement of 
PS For those who wish to remove the siren sound, delete the file Sirena_Ru.wav located along the path Sounds \ AI_Cars 
Enjoy using!

Authors: The author of the original map - Unknown, completion of the map - michailkarpov154 
File Details:  ZIP / 16.8 MB
Omsi2 – Supplement №2 for The Map Schelkovo Download -

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