Omsi2 – Tablets for LiAZ 5256.53 2012

Tablets for LiAZ 5256.53 2012.

This mod adds route pointers to the map Mogas. They were checked only on the bus Liaz 5256.53 2012 year of release (on the other buses of this brand, their correct work is not guaranteed)

1) Extract the archive to any convenient place on the computer;
2) The folder “Rollband LiAZ” (if you do not have it) is placed in the “Anzeigen” folder (located in the “Vehicles” folder). If the folder “Rollband LiAZ” you have, then from this folder (which is in the archive) all the files except the hof file to be placed in “Rollband LiAZ”;
3) Add the file “Moges_Omsi2” to the bus “Liaz 5256.53 2012”;
4) When starting in the game, select the above bus and then through the ibis: the route number and the flight (code of three numbers). Further I write codes to routes (by means of which marshrutnik will earn)
Route # 1 (code 102/103); No. 2 (105/101); No. 4 (109); No. 5 (116/106); No. 6 (110/111); No. 7 (112/113); No. 100 (114/115); No.200 (118/117); No. 300 (119/120); No. 301 (121/122); No. 302 (123/124); No. 304 (125/126); No. 401 (127/128); No. 402 (129/130); No. 403 (131/132)

Successful game 🙂 If you liked the mod – put a husky 🙂

Authors: Дмитрий Лепендин 
File Details:  ZIP / 164 KB
Omsi2 – Tablets for LiAZ 5256.53 2012 Download -

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