Omsi2 – Tuning for Man Lion`s Coach

Hello. I’ve done this tuning for a long time and now I decided to share it with everyone. 

Added a small tuning in the salon. 
Added a new repainting. 
Added a stop request indicator on the instrument panel display. 
Added a schedule sheet. Initially hidden in a niche (see screenshots) 
Added a working Rollband (in the archive there are already tablets for 5 routes of the Chistogorsk map). 

If you do not have a bus installed, download it . 
After downloading the archive, place its contents in addition to the Readme file in the game folder. 

Pleasant trips.

Gearbox : Mechanical
Authors: Helvete (rest in readme) 
File Details:  ZIP / 25.7 MB
Omsi2 – Tuning for Man Lion`s Coach Download -

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