Russian Hinterland (The Road to Yasnoe) V1.7 Omsi2

The final version of the map is the Russian hinterland.

Changes in version 1.7:
– new road splines have been added
– 20 km of new roads with developed infrastructure have been laid.
– Improved visualization of the environment.
– Added new settlements
– Built the towns of Yasnoye and Snezhino
– Completely redesigned all routes. Now they have become more complex and rich!

This time the map contains 3 routes;

1 – 11.1 km (circular route in the town of Yasnoe) Replaces routes 1 and 2.
106 – 49.3 km (suburban route from AS Yasnoe to AS Elagino) Replaces routes 3, 6 and 8.
512 – 45.4 km ( rural route with entry into settlements) Replaces routes 4, 5, 7.

When building the map, objects and splines from the authors were used: Alex Azarh, Dark_Wolf, Denlog, Moskur, Jonpol, AFG_Converts, Jan Kiesewalter, Vektor, A. Tafintsev, Cheburator, V. Lagutin, D. Drozd, etc.

Previous versions of the map are not required. The card is installed in a separate archive!
Copy the contents of the archive to the game folder, agreeing to a replacement.

Authors: Sergey Kukanov (liaz677) 
File Details:  ZIP / 250 MB
Russian Hinterland (The Road to Yasnoe) V1.7 Omsi2 Download - Google Drive

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