Author: Omsimods


Omsi2 – SweetFX (Final)

I post the latest version of SweetFX (it does not particularly affect the FPS). What has changed:– Color gamut– Reduced saturation Installation: throw the contents of the archive into the root of the game.The...


Omsi2 – Sviyazhsk Map V1.0

The first version of the map is ready. On the map there is one route number 401 that goes from the village of Nizhny Vyazovyh to the island of Sviyazhsk.The Kremlin of Sviyazhsk and the...


Omsi2 – Nigorsk Map 0.5 Remake

Well, that day has come, this is not a new version, but only a remake of the old. Changes:• Complete redesign of all routes• Changes in 7, 141 and 43 routes• 113 routes no...


Omsi2 – Maz 206.068 V1.0

What has been done:Salon The interior is completely baked ✅ New caps✅ The body is baked ✅ New fonts for the EMUи Curtains in the cockpit and toner✅ The braid and several hangings are added ✅ The rooms...


Omsi 2 – Hyundai County V1.0

Hyundai County is a small bus occupying a niche between minibuses and medium-sized buses. Designed in South Korea by Hyundai Motor Company. Since April 2010, the bus has been assembled, under license, at the plant of...


Omsi 2 – Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 12D Repainting Mod

Repainting 1 – yellow Mostransavto completely nonexistent, created as an example in 10 minutes.Repainting 2 – Mostransavto is an existing repainting, but never used on these sprinters. Used on younger sprinters.Repainting 3 – Express Baranovichi-Minsk...


Omsi2 – Collective farm for BAZ A079.14 I-VAN

To everyone, finally it happened! One of the major releases from my perdol workshop. BAZ Etalon A079.13 “I-VAN” What was done:New siduhiCurtains in the cabinCurtains on the foreheadCapsTimerBraidNew pennantsMU in the form of RolandAdd. PlateNew texturesNew...


Omsi2 – Scania Touring

I present to you the Scania Touring intercity bus.The model is of average quality.There are various repaints. Specifications:Motor: Scania DC 13 115 410Max. Speed: 100 km / hSeats: 49 Transmission: Automatic