Category: Bus


Omsi2 – Senior Volkbus 9-150

Senior Volkbus 9-150 bus mod for Omsi2. Patch to the bus Senior Volkbus 9-150. Corrects the error with the 3d file, because of what the bus did not work


Omsi2 – Ikarus 250.59

Ikarus 250.59 bus mod for Omsi2. The Ikarus 250 was the first member of the 200 family. The prototype of the 12 metres long coach was introduced in 1967, but the series production began...


Omsi2 – LiAZ 5256.35 and .36.

LiAZ 5256.35 and .36. bus mod for Omsi2. On both buses there is a YaMZ engine. .35 version with manual transmission, and .36-with automatic transmission. The bus also goes with the Obninsk map.