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Omsi2 – Man Sl 223 – Vt-transman

Man Sl 223 – Vt-transman bus mod for Omsi2. By the end of 2015 VT-Transman will be the OMSI skeins of the SL 223 in Budapest, and more specifically three of them. The package...


Omsi2 – Citaro Facelift Gü – Kmkk Zrt. Eger

Citaro Facelift Gü – Kmkk Zrt. Eger mod for Omsi2. The 2008 vintage vintage, Citaro, articulated mid-range version of the Verkehrsgesellschaft Werner GmbH, with the colors of KMKK Zrt., With its stickers. The painting...


Omsi2 – Setra S319UL- GT

The S 319 UL-GT (Uberland-GrandTour) was developed for long distance lines. The 3rd generation bus is 19 row with a length of 15 meters on 3 axes. The demolished buses in the game were...


Omsi2 – Mercedes-Benz O530 G + O530 V2, O520 V2

Type of download: Bus Name of project: Mercedes-Benz O530 G, Mercedes-Benz O530 V2, Mercedes-Benz O520 V2 Participating users: – Model by: alTerr – Converted by: alTerr, Wizard – Scripts by: M+R Software, Wizard, krtz07...


Omsi2 – Ikarus 280.02 – Bkv Mod

The bkbbus has begun to modify the TITA Ikarus 280 in accordance with the vehicles at the BKV. This edition has repaired the door opening / closing, the bell rings until the doors are...


Omsi2 – 3 generations Citaro O530G

I have created for you a mod which subsequently files the Mercedes star on the front, rear and steering wheel, as well as the Citaro and Mercedes lettering. The latter has been created by...


Omsi2 – Baked Textures for Maz-103.965

Full zapechek on MAZ 103.965(2016) Goes all the way… Author full zepecki: Mkivenko The author of little farm: y695ab51(Oleg Siversky) Special thanks to: Kwolf_7(Vladislav Glushko)


Omsi2 – Kuban G1A1 Midibus

Kuban G1A1 Midibus mod for Omsi2. Mod Soviet bus Kuban G1A1 built on the chassis of a truck. As soon as they were not called – barn, barbuhayka, chest. The bass looks simple, inside...