Category: Bus


Omsi2 – Skoda 21Ab

Skoda 21Ab bus mod for Omsi 2. Low-floor bus manufactured in Czech for OMSI 2 Once it was private, but now it’s free for distribution. Accordingly, in terms of scripts and sounds, the quality...


Omsi2 – Ikarus 280.02

Ikarus 280.02 bus mod for Omsi2. Features: To start the bus you need to lock the ignition and gas keys (M + Num 8) Changes in the patch: The engine plant is accelerated; Textures...


Omsi2 – Setra 415 NF

Setra 415 NF bus mod for Omsi2. Mod adds the Setra 415 NF bus Instructions for installation in the archive.


Omsi2 – School bus

School bus mod for Omsi2. a school bus that came out last month from DragoN_X69. I do not think I have anything to say, but despite the fact that I did not test the...