Category: Bus


Omsi2 – Kuban G1A1 Midibus

Kuban G1A1 Midibus mod for Omsi2. Mod Soviet bus Kuban G1A1 built on the chassis of a truck. As soon as they were not called – barn, barbuhayka, chest. The bass looks simple, inside...


Omsi2 – Brascar Marcos

A small minibus Brascar Marcos for omsi. In a nutshell, the bus does not shine with quality, but apparently the bus looks quite normal. In the back of the bus there is a minibar...


Omsi2 – Marcopolo Scania F94HB

Brazilian bus for Omsi. Basically the bus looks good, the textures are baked. The glasses are smoked. There are several repaints. The main feature of this bus is quite high-quality diesel sounds. In the...


Omsi2 – Yaaz 5267

Greetings to all lovers of OMSI. I want to share one more of my work, called the YaAZ 5267. Experts will say that there does not smell like it, but I will say that...


Omsi2 – NovaBUS LFSA

NovaBUS LFSA bus mod for Omsi2. Not a bad New York beads. In the kit there are 2 versions of the bus: with diesel and hybrid transmission. Gearbox: Automatic


Omsi2 – Mercedes – Benz Vario 614D “BRABUS”

Mercedes – Benz Vario 614D “BRABUS” mod for Omsi2. Mercedes – Benz Vario 614D “BRABUS” Author: Andrey_king The author of the envelope in OMSI: tatiana000 The author of the tuning (collective farm): Romka Sukhumi...


Omsi2 – Setra S215UL v1.1

Setra S215UL bus mod for Omsi2. Added 3 curtains, 2 pendants, a skull, a clock, a PSP, a sign. (guys who know how to fix a bug with pennants from the outside there is...