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Omsi 2 – Ikarus 256.44 V2

Ikarus 256.44 bus mod for Omsi 2. Updated 256.44 Three versions: 2 with a RABA engine and 1 Detroit Diesel. Buses class! Thanks to the authors!


Omsi 2 – Neoplan_N4016 2 export

Neoplan_N4016 2 export bus mod for Omsi 2. Two-door The author of the fashion for omsy – chris12, Sounds – alterr, Correction – Alexey Komkov. Write it down in the description.


Omsi 2 – Mercedes OC500 LE

Mercedes OC500 LE bus mod for Omsi 2. I want to present you a beta version of the Mercedes OC500 LE bus (the bus is very damp!) With a Euro 4 engine from my...


Omsi 2 – MAZ 103C

MAZ 103C bus mod for Omsi 2. MAZ 103C is a suburban, two-door version of the city bus MAZ 103. There are two modifications in the archive: 103.С62 with manual transmission and 103.С65 with...


Omsi 2 – Mercedes-Benz Citaro HHA

Mercedes-Benz Citaro HHA bus mod for Omsi 2. Gamurzhsky version of Citaro In the archive Four models: O530 Fakelift ZF O530 Fakelift Voith O530G Fakelift ZF O530G Fakelift Voith And throw all the folders...


Omsi 2 – PAZ 3205-110

PAZ 3205-110 midibus mod for Omsi 2. Groove 3205-110 Tomsk edition. The collective farm goes along with the bus Command from Omsi Mod Rus The author of the envelope model: Pavel Ov The author...


Omsi 2 – Mercedes Benz Citaro Facelift MU

Mercedes Benz Citaro Facelift MU bus mod for Omsi 2. MERCEDES BENZ CITARO FACELIFT MU 1.1 is a modified version of MERCEDES BENZ CITARO FACELIFT in this version: there was a highlight of the...