Category: Bus


Omsi2 – School bus

School bus mod for Omsi2. a school bus that came out last month from DragoN_X69. I do not think I have anything to say, but despite the fact that I did not test the...


Omsi + Omsi2 – Ikarus 260.04

Ikarus 260.04 bus mod for Omsi and Omsi2. Polish city bus inspired by the actual public transport bus Katowice ev. No 1309 operated in 1985-1999. The car does not have an onboard computer, the...


Omsi – Neoplan N116

Neoplan N116 bus mod for Omsi1 and Omsi2. Neoplan’s long-distance bus at a very high level with a range of scouts. The on-board computer, ticket printer and landmark can be found in the right-hand...