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Omsi 2 – Bogdan A092 V2.0 Midibus

Bogdan A092 V2.0 Midibus mod for Omsi 2. Under version 2.0 meant no revision of the old, and from the ground skonverchennaya model from another author. This is done in order to distinguish between...


Omsi 2 – Graf & Stift Postbus

Graf & Stift Postbus mod for Omsi 2. Note: for this mod need installed and activated addon MB o305 for Omsi 2 The bus goes to the collective farm, which can be removed through...


Omsi 2 – Bus Pack

Bus Pack for Omsi 2. Ruta 25 LiAZ 5256.29-05 Jelcz 120m3 and 120MM2 LAZ A 183; LiAZ 5292.22-30 NefAZ 5299-11-32 Methane LiAZ 5280 (VZTM) MAN LC Wasserstoff; Bogdan A092