Chistogorsk Map Omsi2

Fictional Russian suburban map. The scene of action is somewhere in the Central Black Earth region.

List of changes compared to versions 0.8
and pre-release 0.9:
– Schedules of many routes have been revised.
– Most of the places and objects have been redone for the purpose of optimization.
– Fixed non-countable stops at some terminals.
– Added overhead passage to md. “New buildings”.
– Added city route 41 with a length of 9 km.
– Route 116 is now seasonal and does not go to Yablonka SNT in winter, making a U-turn near the Niva.
– Added suburban route 177 “Chistogorsk – Sokolovo” with a length of 21 km.
– Korenevo now has its own convoy serving routes 100 and 200.
– Traffic versions of LAZ-699 and PAZ-3205.
– Some Christmas decorations during the respective holidays.
– And much more.


41 (city, 9 km)
100 (suburb, 17 km)
116 (summer season, 6 km)
116 (winter season, 5 km)
117 (suburb, 17 km)
120 (suburb, 25 km)
158 (suburb, 35 km)
177 (suburb, 21 km)
200 (intercity, 43 km) 250 ( intercity, 63 km)
817 (airport, 23 km)

MAN NL 202(592), DJ_Evil, Persik (Bayanist) and many others.

Thanks are also expressed to the testers who took part in CBT and OBT and helped to find bugs.

Authors: DW Modplace 
File Details:  ZIP / 1.2 GB
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