LiAZ 5256.35 2005 Bus V1.0 Omsi2

LiAZ 5256.35 2005 bus for Omsi2.

This bus is a modification of LiAZ 5256.26 from Dhanny.

The bus has three .bus files. They are distinguished by the sounds of bridges and gearboxes
1. Voith Diwa, bridge – slave, old
2. YAMZ-236, bridge – KAAZ
3. YAMZ-236, bridge – slave, old

Throw the folder with the model itself into OMSI2 / Vehicles.

Gearbox : Automatic and mechanical

The author of the original model (.26, and its details): Dhanny
The author of the GTA model: YaMZ-Master, Dhanny
The author of the order under .35: 68rus
Voice acting: Sergey Shostak, KsEnOn_435, Dark_Wolf, Dmitry Tryapitsyn
A selection of sounds: 68rus, Kot_Benya
In creation models also took part: Denchik 54, Alexander El, Kot_Benya, Sergey Shostak, Vyacheslav Eliseevsky and others.

Authors: - 
File Details:  RAR / 106 MB
LiAZ 5256.35 2005 Bus V1.0 Omsi2 Download - Google Drive

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