MAN NL 232 CNG Omsi2

MAN NL 232 CNG bus mod for Omsi 2.

The MAN NL 232 CNG was a bus with CNG-Engine (Compressed Natural Gas). It was built between 1994 and 2001 and is known from cities like Nuremberg, Bonn and Regensburg.

Starting the bus: Press E for electric and then M to start the motor.

Using the rear door: The “stop brake” has to be open and the door release must be activated for using the rear door!

Install: Drop the Fonts & Vehicles-Folder in the OMSI 2-Folder and let it overwrite anything needed. (It overwrites only unused Fonts)

Authors: Filipe.PT1726 
File Details:  ZIP / 69 MB
MAN NL 232 CNG Omsi2 Download -

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