Omsi2 – Autodromo Busotto

This is the Italian bus Autodromo Busotto, has good textures, and repaints (in the extras folder, drop off: Omsi 2 / Vehicles / CAM_Busotto / Texture / Repaints) 
A little wiki) 

Busotto was designed as a replacement for Alice built on the Bredabus platform 2001. With this model, CAM opens a partnership with the German company MAN AG, which supplies the chassis and mechanics of the bus. Also a version of filoviaria was released (for the cities of Milan, Bologna, Parma and Modena), where the electrical equipment AdTranz is used. 

The car is built using low-bed technology; but the first version (1994-2001) has one step on the back door.

Engine – 6.871 cc MAN DO826 LOH15, providing 220 horsepower and located in the rear horizontal position; also the NL222 chassis comes from Germany. The transfer is automatically, as a rule, Voith. 

Since 2001, Busotto has been released in the “New” version: as long as there are no mechanical updates (with the exception of updating to the Euro 3 standard), in respect of aesthetics there is a rejection of the characteristic fiberglass profiles along the side panels, circular gems are accepted and the step is taken off at the tailgate 

Windows and doors were supplied by OMZ Modena Spa and Sguinzi Spa. 
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Gearbox : Automatic

Authors: Fulgini (fuljo) 
File Details:  ZIP / 265 MB
Omsi2 – Autodromo Busotto Download -

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