Omsi2 – Cheboksary 2021 Map V1.2

Cheboksary 2021 Map for Omsi 2.

Supplement to the map of Cheboksary “Night Lights”.¬†Adds New Year’s mood to the map!

– When starting the map for the first time, it is recommended to select one of the saved scenarios (7,17), since New Year’s routes are already registered in them.
– Routes are now extended until late at night.
– An invisible wall was detected (disable collisions in the game!)

When building the map, objects and splines from the authors were used: Alex Azarh, Dark_Wolf, Denlog, Moskur, AFG_Converts, Vektor, Kot_Benya, Maxim Dementyev, Skp Warehouse, etc.

1. Remove from the maps folder the map script “Cheboksary 1.2”
2. Extract the contents of the “2021” archive and copy it to the game folder, agreeing to replace it.
3. Play!

Have a nice game! Happy New You!

Authors: Sergey Kukanov (liaz677) 
File Details:  ZIP / 155 MB
Omsi2 – Cheboksary 2021 Map V1.2 Download - Google Drive

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