Omsi2 – Minsk informant for Omninsk Map 4.01

Minsk informant for the map Omninsk 4.01:
The archive contains the converted announcement of the next stops. The voice was completely copied from the Minsk informant who was at the European Games. In the informant there is an English voice acting. She follows, after the Russian.
Download map.
For stable operation of the informant, you need a normal hof-file: link
Transfer the contents of the folder to the Ansagen folder of your bus.
Make a copy of the old folder in case you do not like the informant so that you can return the old one.
Have a nice trip 🙂

Authors: N/A 
File Details:  RAR / 21.7 MB
Omsi2 – Minsk informant for Omninsk Map 4.01 Download -

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  1. Stein Patrick says:
    Here is a test drive on the map

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