Omsi2 – The Town Map

Fictional map – TOWN for OMSI 2 
The map represents the urban hinterland, picturesquely connected with the countryside. Each route is interesting in its own way! Standard Mana-harmonicas are registered in the traffic. 
The mod is perfect for weak PCs. 

There are three routes on the map: 
route 9: 
1: Pole number 2 – Uliza Lenina 
2: Uliza Lenina – Pole number 2 
Travel time to each direction is approximately 17-20 minutes 

16 route: 
1: Voskresenskoe – Konechnaya Sobornaya 
2: Sobornaya – Voskresenskoe 
Travel time in each direction is approximately 20-25 minutes 

17 route (time from 1.30 to 2.00) 
1: Pole number 2 – Voskresenskoe 
2: Voskresenskoe – Pole number 2
Travel time in each direction is about 7-12 minutes. 

1 Copy the contents of the archive to the game folder, agreeing to a replacement. HOF file scattered in the folder with the desired bus. The very first launch of the card should be carried out “without bus”

Authors: liaz677 
File Details:  RAR / 615 MB
Omsi2 – The Town Map Download -

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