Omsi2 – VDL-NefAZ 52997-10 2.05

Already completed VDL-NefAZ. The original was 2014, but disgusting. 
In this model there are 2 types of add. tuning, which are activated when you click on the photos on the phone. 
There are 2 types of display route. To use the EMU, you must click on it in the cabin. 
I fill in my version, in which the display of repaints is corrected (in the previous version they were the same).
Gearbox : Automatic

Authors: kamaz102rus, A. Klimkin, nefaz102 
File Details:  ZIP / 104.2 MB
Omsi2 – VDL-NefAZ 52997-10 2.05 Download -

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