Author: Benjamin Franklin


Nysa Map V2.1 Omsi2

A small Polish map for Omsi 2. A quality map, worked out to the smallest detail.Regular project update. The map shows one route: (28) Piłsudskiego – 3 Maja.Length of the route: 6.8 km.Travel time:...


Omsi2 – Chavdar 11M3 / 11G5 Bus

Chavdar 11M3 / 11G5 | Chavdar 11M3 / 11G5 Bus for Omsi 2. Five versions of the most popular Bulgarian buses:11G5 with interior doors11G5 with outside doors11G5 with one door11M3 – local11M3 Various bus...


Omsi2 – Paz 32053 Police

Paz 32053 Police repaint for Omsi 2. I decided to make a repainting for myself, I thought maybe someone might need it, I decided to post it. Police repainting from real life. Repainting goes like a...


Omsi2 – GMC LF12E Bus V3

GMC LF12E bus for Omsi 2. GIANNIS MOTOR COMPANY Special thanks Denis Ganev, G. Nedyalkov & Lemonje. Modification for LiAZ 5292.22-77. Made in Bulgaria. Gearbox : Automatic