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Omsi 2 – LIAZ 677

LIAZ 677 bus mod for Omsi 2. In this version of the mod is available six versions of the bus: 677,677M, 677MB, 677G, 677 excursion, 677 training. Installing traditional: • The contents of the...


Omsi 2 – Ikarus C60 Bus

Ikarus C60 Bus mod for Omsi 2. Included with the bus going 11 recolors Ikarus c60 mod omsi 2 Download Ikarus for omsi


Omsi 2 – Ikarus 280.00

Ikarus 280.00 bus mod for Omsi 2. The words of the author of the patch: It was found in the German forum and brought to mind: – According to the tradition of my net...