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Omsi2 – Man Bus Pack 1.2

Your attention is a big pack MANov from Sobol. Such modifications include: -A21 -A37 -Goeppel_A76 -N4516 Various versions of the gearbox are also present. Installation requires: Transfer the NEOMAN Overhaul by Sobol 1.2 file to the Omsi folder. Important! Pak weighs more than 2GB. However,...


Omsi2 – Nowe Piekary Bus & Tram

Continuation of the Nowe Piekary card. On the map were added tram tracks along with a route along which you can ride. There are 2 routes on the map: – 97 (bus) – 5...


Omsi2 – Add-on Konstal 4N

This is the first large free addon where there is a map (download map) and a tram to it, you will be given a Polish tram Konstal 4N which has 3 configurations (1, 2,...