Omsi2 – LiAZ-5256.53 (2010-2012)

LiAZ-5256.53 (2010-2012) bus mod for Omsi2.

I strongly recommend that you study ReadMe before installing the bus, which you can find in the archive with the model.

• Author of the model and sounds: Dhanny
• Version: 2.1
• Himmel, il_86, Slavok, Denklin, VitalyL, Alexander Syroezhkin took part in the creation of the model.

• Himmel, il_86 – for work permit of the source 5256.26, additional details, textures;
• Slavok – for the script database, source Liksa-5256.26, additional details, textures;
• VitalyL – for the basis of the steering wheel;
• Denklin – for script help in the envelope process of the model, additional details, textures;
• Alexander Syroezhkin – for script assistance in the process of enveloping the model and additional information.

Gearbox: Automatic and mechanical

Authors: Dhanny 
File Details:  ZIP / 87 MB
Omsi2 – LiAZ-5256.53 (2010-2012) Download -

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