Hyundai Electricity 2022MY (PIEV) Omsi2

Hyundai Electricity 2022MY (PIEV) bus mod for Omsi 2.

Please unzip and check the files inside. (README required)
Please paste the files in each folder into each folder. (OMSI 2\fonts, OMSI 2\Vehicles)
The Drawing Confirmation folder contains the modeler file used to validate the drawing and the psd required for the drawing. Use this file to paint.

Authors: Modeling: Mulberry Juice, Gu Ja-yoon Scripting and vehicle foundation preparation: Taehwa, Noeul Vehicle texture production and provision: Ilchilyukgong Vehicle driving sound provided and produced by: BLACKPINK, Sam Han Debug work help: JAKOMO, Papyeokjisaeng 
File Details:  ZIP / 190 MB
Hyundai Electricity 2022MY (PIEV) Omsi2 Download -

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