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Omsi 2 – Add-On E-Bus Hamburg

Add-on Information:The vision becomes reality – after the first eCitaro-type rechargeable electric buses were commissioned in Hamburg in the summer of 2018, this modern city bus also became part of the OMSI 2. Currently,...


Omsi 2 – Add-on Bad Hügelsdorf 2020

Add-on Information:Baden County in southwest Germany is considered one of the most picturesque areas of the German Republic. Gentle mountains alternate with elegant cities, many attractions await visitors. It is in this landscape that the...


Omsi2 – Caio Apache S21 OF 1721 Ell

Model of medium quality.There are various repaints. Installation is simple: Extract the contents of the archive into the Vehicles folder located in the root of the game. Credits: Projeto by: Jordan Murilo Modelo: Caio...


Omsi2 – Veselkino Map

A small fictional map – Veselkino.Simple and interesting map! Suitable for weak PCs.The map includes part of the old city and the picturesque atmosphere of the suburban area.Contains 3 routes: 1 city, 2 suburban. City7...