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Omsi2 – Add-On to The Map Moscow 2.0

Mod adds new traffic lights, redesigned the route schedule, added route 215, changed routes: 63,149,167,170,191,194,206,656,672. Night routes removed from the schedule Installation method: Transfer the folders from the archive to the root folder of OMSI...


Omsi2 – ZiU-682G-016 (018) V0.9

ZiU-682G-016 (018) V0.9 for Omsi 2. A further development of the ZiU-682G-012 trolleybus was the ZiU-682G-016 modification, produced since 1999. A set of measures was taken to improve the anti-corrosion resistance of the body. The outer...


Omsi2 – Laz E183A1

Laz E183A1 bus for Omsi 2. The assembly is not the final version. The mod is based on the LAZ A183 bus.Performance is guaranteed only on version 2.3.004 of the game.


Omsi2 – Collective Farm on LiAZ 5292.22

What has been added: Braid on the steering wheel. Curtains, driver’s, side, salon. Pennant “Paw” HBO. Fogs. Caps. plates. Name plates. number frame. state. number. antistatic agent. All tuning is removable, except for: Caps, tumanoks,...