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Omsi2 – Veselkino Map

Fictional map for OMSI 2 – Veselkino.Veselkino – summer cottage cooperative on the map.The map includes part of the old city and the picturesque atmosphere of the suburban area.Contains 3 routes; 1 city, 2 suburban....


Omsi2 – Ústí nad Labem Map V1.0

This unofficial addition is a simulation of the компанииstí nad Labem transport company from the perspective of a bus driver. Get behind the wheel of a Renault / Karosa Citybus 12m, with which you will...


Omsi2 – Little Village Map

The village is a fictional map of the Russian hinterland for OMSI 2 It contains two bus routes:  21 route 1- Autostanziya – Uspenskoe 2- Tserkov Petra i Fevronii – Autostanziya Konechnaya Travel time in each direction 13-15...


Omsi2 – New Sounds for Maz 105

This mod allows you to replace the standard sounds MAZ-105 (1999 – 2009 onwards) with sounds that correspond to real ones. Almost everything from A to Z sounded in a new way: dashboard, buttons, toggle...


Omsi2 – London Citybus 400R 1.4d

Introducing the London C400R!  This bus is a special gift to thank everyone who is waiting for the Add-On London release after a recent hardware failure, and to evaluate the quality of the five...


Omsi2 – Projekt Lublin Map 3.1

The Projekt Lublin map contains 3 routes: 55 Felin Europark – Os. Choiny 156 Felin – Chodzki Szpital 158 Felin – Zana ZUS (new)  VERSION 3.1 (PATCH) List of changes: 1. Removing Chrono residues from the card, which can improve...


Omsi2 – Neoplan Tourliner 18

There are 32 repainting Automatic and manual transmissions. Externally, the model is of average quality, but the interior leaves much to be desired. The front end is borrowed from the Man Lion Coach. Perhaps...


Omsi2 – Iveco Crossway LE

Your attention is IVECO Crossway LE. These modifications include: -Iveco Crossway LE SB -Iveco Crossway LE To install, you need to: Transfer the Iveco_Release file to the Omsi folder. Gearbox : Automatic


Omsi2 – The Town Map

Fictional map – TOWN for OMSI 2 The map represents the urban hinterland, picturesquely connected with the countryside. Each route is interesting in its own way! Standard Mana-harmonicas are registered in the traffic. The mod is perfect for...