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Omsi2 – Collective Farm on LiAZ 5292.22

What has been added: Braid on the steering wheel. Curtains, driver’s, side, salon. Pennant “Paw” HBO. Fogs. Caps. plates. Name plates. number frame. state. number. antistatic agent. All tuning is removable, except for: Caps, tumanoks,...


Omsi2 – Neoplan Centroliner N4421

This mod adds Neoplan N4421 to the game. Already cured of German symbols.Among the advantages is the low weight of the model (~ 183 MB) and its quality, although it’s like for someone.Of the minuses,...


Omsi2 – Ulyanovsk Map V0.5

Map of the real city of Ulyanovsk (Novy Gorodmicrodistrict ) The map represents Novy Gorod microdistrict, Zavolzhsky district, Ulyanovsk.On the map 1 is the real route of trolleybus 18 (Ring). Next around Novy Gorod.On the trolleybus...


Omsi2 – Paz 3204 Repaints Pack

Pack of 9 repaints for groove 3204, some repaints are completely taken from real prototypes, and some are completely invented. Installation: Put the contents of the archive in 1_PAZ_3204_02 \ Texture \ repaints_3204


Omsi2 – Kazan Map V3.0

Real map of Kazan city. You have a unique opportunity to ride a bus along the real streets of Kazan in the game Omsi 2. The map contains bus routes 47,45,110 and trolleybus route No....