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Omsi2 – MAN Enigma Caetano

MAN Enigma Caetano bus mod for Omsi2. There are 4 versions of this bus in the archive: 1. Stock (ICIE) 2. Stock (automatic transmission) 3. Tuning (MKPP) 4. Tuning (automatic transmission) Author: Pedro Envelope...


Omsi2 – Jelcz M125M Dano,Vecto + CNG

Jelcz M125M Dano,Vecto + CNG bus mod for Omsi2. Polish middle class bus has several configurations 1998 1999s 2000s Authors: This is my bus model. This Jelcz is in 44 version. In 4 sounds...


Omsi2 – Ikarus 263 DTF

Ikarus 263 DTF bus mod for Omsi2. This pack consists of 2 versions, which I do not know for sure. Written 263 and in parentheses are not clear symbols. On Omsey 2 is coming....


Omsi2 – VAZ 2105

VAZ 2105 car mod for Omsi2. So, who waited for the five, he waited. Helped in the envelope: RDB Corporation


Omsi2 – PAZ 3205

PAZ 3205 midibus mod for Omsi2. Author: Vector special thanks to: scripts: moskur, record 3d animation: kirill312 repainting: Pavel_55 information support, technical assistance, sound recording: Pavel Ov envelope: omsimod I was given a bus...


Omsi2 – LiAZ-5256.53 (2010-2012)

LiAZ-5256.53 (2010-2012) bus mod for Omsi2. I strongly recommend that you study ReadMe before installing the bus, which you can find in the archive with the model. Authorship: • Author of the model and...