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Omsi2 – New Russian Voice Acting Passengers

Your attention is a completely new Russian voice of passengers, created from scratch. How it turned out to judge only you! The heroes were voiced by: Sergey liaz677, Yura – a poet, Elena ivolga, Prosto Sevil, Zinaida...


Omsi2 – Golczewo Map V1.0.2

Golchevo – a small town founded in the interwar period, in 1921-1938, expanded in subsequent years. The city has public transport, which is operated by the MSC Golchevo. The map contains six lines, 5 bus lines...


Omsi2 – Kolkhoz for Mercedes-Benz O530 Facelift 1.0

Greetings to all. This is a collective farm based on a real car. Briefly, what was done by me: * Added braid on the steering wheel. * Installed rollband. * Shutter. And all sorts of different pennants. Good luck in running! Z....


Omsi2 – Städtedreieck Map V3.2

We hereby present to you the third version of the map after more than one year of development. You can explore many new lines, known errors from V2 have been fixed.  24 Park der Menschenrechte...


Omsi2 – Man Bus Pack 1.2

Your attention is a big pack MANov from Sobol. Such modifications include: -A21 -A37 -Goeppel_A76 -N4516 Various versions of the gearbox are also present. Installation requires: Transfer the NEOMAN Overhaul by Sobol 1.2 file to the Omsi folder. Important! Pak weighs more than 2GB. However,...


Omsi2 – VDL-NefAZ 52997-10 2.05

Already completed VDL-NefAZ. The original was 2014, but disgusting. In this model there are 2 types of add. tuning, which are activated when you click on the photos on the phone. There are 2 types of display route. To...


Omsi2 – Add-on Citybus i260 Series

Citybus i260 – City bus of large capacity. This is a high-floor bus with 3 doors, engine in the center and rear wheel drive.  This series of buses began produced in 1973 in Hungary. At the...


Omsi2 – Man Lions City M A47 EEV Beta

Beta version of the MAN Lion’s City M A47 EEV bus is presented to your attention. Installation requires: Transfer the MAN Lion’s City A47 by Sobol file to the Vehicles folder Important: Since this is the Beta...


Omsi2 – Neoplan N4020

Qualitative 15 meter bus from NEOPLAN with CAT from ZF. Fixed the passcode and removed the German characters. Installation: first install the bus itself. Then install the patch.Gearbox : Automatic Patch download