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Omsi2 – Ikarus 280.02 – Bkv Mod

The bkbbus has begun to modify the TITA Ikarus 280 in accordance with the vehicles at the BKV. This edition has repaired the door opening / closing, the bell rings until the doors are...


Omsi2 – 3 generations Citaro O530G

I have created for you a mod which subsequently files the Mercedes star on the front, rear and steering wheel, as well as the Citaro and Mercedes lettering. The latter has been created by...


Omsi2 – Friedrichshagen Fantasy v5

ACHTUNG , ACHTUNG Bitte Nur Diese Map Benutze V5 update  Friedrichshagen Fantasy V5 update ( Bus Tram Map 01 )  Es wird Benötigt Addon Stadtbus 0305  Sonst Sind Fehler oder Weißer Himmel Im Spiel ist...


Omsi2 – CKD Tatra KT4D

Czechoslovak two-section articulated four-axle one-way tramway with rheostat-contactor or thyristor-pulse control system. Produced JSC “CKD Tatra” Prague — Smichov from 1973 to 1997. A total of 1,798 KT4 wagons of various modifications were built,...


Omsi2 – Baked Textures for Maz-103.965

Full zapechek on MAZ 103.965(2016) Goes all the way… Author full zepecki: Mkivenko The author of little farm: y695ab51(Oleg Siversky) Special thanks to: Kwolf_7(Vladislav Glushko)


Omsi2 – Sound patch for MAZ-105.060

This patch adds more or less realistic sounds to MAZ-105.060 buses from this MAZ package Installation Instructions: 1) Open the archive using WinRar 2) In the archive, open the folder 105060_soundpatch 3) The Vehicles...