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Omsi2 – Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 312 (Hurma)

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 312 (Hurma) for Omsi 2. What this collective farm includes:DisksSeatsSheatMat on the dashboard HeadrestsDHOShelves over the seatsTransparent tintingCorners on the glassAlso there was a screen-camera Enjoy your trips!


Omsi2 – Cheboksary Night Lights Map V1.2

Cheboksary Night Lights Map for Omsi 2. A semi-realistic map of the city of Cheboksary. The card is suitable for weak PCs. Changes in the version “Night Lights”– improved detailing of the environment– expanded the...


Omsi2 – Svarz-Maz 6275 Bus V1.0

Svarz-Maz 6275 Bus for Omsi 2. The trolleybus SVARZ-MAZ 6275 was made on the basis of MAZ 203T.It was made mainly for the map of Kostroma and Samara. The trolleybus is of good enough...


Omsi2 – NefAZ 5299-17-32 Bus V0.1

NefAZ 5299-17-32 bus for Omsi 2. NefAZ 5299-17-32, Cummins engine. For a comfortable game, the model is equipped with a Voith GMP (it was not installed on a real bus).The model is crude, there is...


Omsi2 – Provincial Map

Provincial Map for Omsi 2. Large and interesting suburban map! ROUTES: 10: House of Culture-Klyuchi (14 km) 15: HOSPITAL №1-MARMORNAYA STREET (9.5 km) 17: Marble-Polevaya street-Marblevaya street (Ring) (13.2 km) 19: HOSPITAL No. 1-FOREST-HOSPITAL...


Omsi2 – Collective Farm on Paz 3205-07

Collective Farm on Paz 3205-07 bus for Omsi 2. What was added: Nameplates. Caps. New insulation texture. Rose, on the gearshift lever. Braid on the steering wheel Side, salon, front curtains. Radio tape recorder...