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Omsi 2 – Liaz 5292.22-77

Liaz 5292.22-77 bus mod for Omsi 2. Installation: transfer the folder from the archive to the Vehicle folder. The game is called LiAZ_5292.22-77 2016 The bus itself is made very qualitatively, but NOT FOR...


Omsi 2 – Volvo 7700

Volvo 7700 bus mod for Omsi 2. A good model of the bus, but raw. Seen shoals: uncomfortable mirrors.


Omsi 2 – Neoplan N4021NF v1.0

Neoplan N4021NF v1.0 bus mod for Omsi 2. Quality bus with automatic transmission Voith and ZF. He was cured of German characters (corrections: Ivan Kostin)


Omsi 2 – Marcopolo Viale 0500M

Marcopolo Viale 0500M bus mod for Omsi 2. A good bus is a rarity among the Brazilian mods. There is an automatic and manual gearbox, several repaints, an adequate 3D model, normal textures.


Omsi 2 – Caio Apache S21 OF 1721 Ell

Caio Apache S21 OF 1721 Ell bus mod for Omsi 2. The bus is not bad, the quality is above average 2 gearboxes: Automatic and mechanic There is a small collective farm in the...


Omsi 2 – Remaking Setra 215 UL

Remaking Setra 215 UL bus mod for Omsi 2. I present to your attention one of his recent works. Remaking Setra 215 UL, based (in my opinion) the latest version of this mod. Those....