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Omsi 2 – МАZ 152А Repaint

МАZ 152А Repaint mod for Omsi 2. Repainting Grodnooblavotrans He sawed for himself, since the skins in the original were vyrviglaznye. Repaint itself is quite simple Installation: Copy the folder to the folder Vehicles


Omsi 2 – Neoplan_N4016 2 export

Neoplan_N4016 2 export bus mod for Omsi 2. Two-door The author of the fashion for omsy – chris12, Sounds – alterr, Correction – Alexey Komkov. Write it down in the description.


Omsi 2 – Mercedes OC500 LE

Mercedes OC500 LE bus mod for Omsi 2. I want to present you a beta version of the Mercedes OC500 LE bus (the bus is very damp!) With a Euro 4 engine from my...


Omsi 2 – MAZ 103C

MAZ 103C bus mod for Omsi 2. MAZ 103C is a suburban, two-door version of the city bus MAZ 103. There are two modifications in the archive: 103.С62 with manual transmission and 103.С65 with...


Omsi 2 – Mercedes-Benz Citaro HHA

Mercedes-Benz Citaro HHA bus mod for Omsi 2. Gamurzhsky version of Citaro In the archive Four models: O530 Fakelift ZF O530 Fakelift Voith O530G Fakelift ZF O530G Fakelift Voith And throw all the folders...


Omsi 2 – Solnechnogorsk Map

Solnechnogorsk Map for Omsi 2. After Chistogorsk sort of like positive reviews, that’s decided to pack Solnechnogorsk. All the same in the same archive, only to extract to the root of the game confirming...