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Omsi2 – London Citybus 400R 1.4d

Introducing the London C400R!  This bus is a special gift to thank everyone who is waiting for the Add-On London release after a recent hardware failure, and to evaluate the quality of the five...


Omsi2 – Projekt Lublin Map 3.1

The Projekt Lublin map contains 3 routes: 55 Felin Europark – Os. Choiny 156 Felin – Chodzki Szpital 158 Felin – Zana ZUS (new)  VERSION 3.1 (PATCH) List of changes: 1. Removing Chrono residues from the card, which can improve...


Omsi2 – Neoplan Tourliner 18

There are 32 repainting Automatic and manual transmissions. Externally, the model is of average quality, but the interior leaves much to be desired. The front end is borrowed from the Man Lion Coach. Perhaps...


Omsi2 – Iveco Crossway LE

Your attention is IVECO Crossway LE. These modifications include: -Iveco Crossway LE SB -Iveco Crossway LE To install, you need to: Transfer the Iveco_Release file to the Omsi folder. Gearbox : Automatic


Omsi2 – The Town Map

Fictional map – TOWN for OMSI 2 The map represents the urban hinterland, picturesquely connected with the countryside. Each route is interesting in its own way! Standard Mana-harmonicas are registered in the traffic. The mod is perfect for...


Omsi2 – ZiU-682G 016.02

Trolleybus ZiU-682G 016.02 (Trolza) In the Anzeigen folder there are MUs for the trolleybus. Several repaintings, two choices of steering wheels, all compartments and hatches open.  Gearbox: Automatic


Omsi2 – New Russian Voice Acting Passengers

Your attention is a completely new Russian voice of passengers, created from scratch. How it turned out to judge only you! The heroes were voiced by: Sergey liaz677, Yura – a poet, Elena ivolga, Prosto Sevil, Zinaida...


Omsi2 – Golczewo Map V1.0.2

Golchevo – a small town founded in the interwar period, in 1921-1938, expanded in subsequent years. The city has public transport, which is operated by the MSC Golchevo. The map contains six lines, 5 bus lines...


Omsi2 – Kolkhoz for Mercedes-Benz O530 Facelift 1.0

Greetings to all. This is a collective farm based on a real car. Briefly, what was done by me: * Added braid on the steering wheel. * Installed rollband. * Shutter. And all sorts of different pennants. Good luck in running! Z....