Omsi 2 – Add-On E-Bus Hamburg

Add-on Information:
The vision becomes reality – after the first eCitaro-type rechargeable electric buses were commissioned in Hamburg in the summer of 2018, this modern city bus also became part of the OMSI 2.

Currently, 20 cars of this type are already used in Hamburg (state, April 2020), and they can be found in other German cities, such as Berlin.

Here you can find all the features of the original, such as turn signals, automatic light, rain sensor, a new interior design, features of a high-voltage electrical system and much more. Of course, the compressor, air conditioning and power steering are fully powered by electricity. You will notice this in the behavior and sound of the bus. Compared to Hamburg Buses, 44 new sounds were added.

In addition to the well-known Hamburg ticket printer and destination LED display, e-buses have a two-part wide-screen passenger display and a check-and-sell system (PVS) with which passengers can check their digital tickets.

The introduction of the vehicle into the game is based on the original HOCHBAHN training documents and on the experience of regular maintenance. You can even charge the bus in the bus fleet using the standard “refuel” button in OMSI 2. This looks best if you are standing under a carport with a charging cable, as on the Hamburg HafenCity map. Of course, this add-on also includes some close-to-reality paint versions from all over Germany, as well as 4K repainting templates for your own advertising.

Transmission : Automatic

Authors: Darius Bode, Aerosoft GmbH  Omsi 2 – Add-On E-Bus Hamburg Download -

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