Omsi 2 – Ahlheim & Laurenzbach

Ahlheim & Laurenzbach map for Omsi 2.

Ahlheim & Laurenzbach is a fictional map that contains two big cities and many small towns and villages.
On the map you will find 17 lines, on which the time of movement is one way from 10 to 70 minutes. On the map you will go through the city and villages, and there are also express routes.
In general, each for himself will find his route on this map.
All good trips and interesting trips on the map.

FOR THE CARD WE NEED ADDON “HAMBURG” and “Three generations” !!!
I ask you to pay attention that the author of the card himself put the objects from the addons into the card, the author of the treatment does not have to do with it!

The author of the card treatment is Alexey Kholzakov.

Authors: Alexey Kholzakov 
File Details:  ZIP / 1700 MB
Omsi 2 – Ahlheim & Laurenzbach Download -

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