Omsi2 – Collective Farm on Paz 3205

Collective Farm on Paz 3205 bus for Omsi 2.

A Warning!
This bus is completely autonomous, you don’t need to install anything for it to work.
I do not guarantee correct operation on versions of the game below 2.3.004.

1. Put the Fonts and Vehicles packs into the game folder and agree to replace the files.

What Has Been Done:

  • Fixed rims;
  • bug fixes for sounds, there were bugs in the log, now there is a clutch pedal creak;
  • in PAZ 32054 there are open door indicators and a stop indicator;
  • a working radio tape recorder is installed in the bus, which plays custom tracks;
  • changed gearshift lever;
  • changed the front bumper, front foglights are installed in this bumper;
  • curtains in the salon;
  • illumination of plates;
  • braid on the steering wheel;
  • and other collective farm at the driver’s workplace.

This time there will be fewer songs, there are 2. There is a program Automagnitola_registrer in the archive with the bus, with its help you can register songs. It’s much easier than writing it by hand.

Authors: Vitaly Lagutin, Den Ushakov. Alteration author: Ilya Korol (Project by Ilya_Korol). 
File Details:  ZIP / 218 MB
Omsi2 – Collective Farm on Paz 3205 Download - Google Drive

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