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Omsi2 – Gostomysl Map V0.1

Gostomysl is a small fictional city map. It perfectly conveys the atmosphere of an old provincial town!The mod is suitable for weak PCs! There is one circular route on the map, lasting 30 minutes.Route 1:...


Omsi2 – Coachbus 256 Add-On

They are not born a legend, they become a legend. From the 70s to the present day, the Hungarian Coachbus 256 bus still operates. Immerse yourself in the world of Coachbus 256 in OMSI...


Omsi2 – Karosa B961 / B961E

Good quality models.There are various repaints. Gearbox: Automatic Authors: Model: marty515 Script: MR, Daniel94, marty515 Sound: marty515, Redgunn, Lachy Texture: marty515, Lachy