Category: Omsi 2


Omsi2 – LAZ 695N

The alteration of the bus contains: – New caps on the front wheels; (Old hoods removed) – New animated pennants; – Changed the texture of the wheels; – Phone and other trivia. P.s. the...


Omsi2 – Real LIEPAJA Map V1.2

Liepaja is a city in the south-west of Latvia, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Real routes, a fictitious schedule (chart). Together 20 routes! Author’s version! Version 1.2


Omsi2 – Isuzu Erga Mio

Isuzu Erga Mio bus mod for Omsi2. A small Japanese bus Isuzu Erga Mio with good quality. Isuzu is interesting by the fact that earlier this brand did not seem to have been in...


Omsi2 – Golczewo Map

Golczewo Map for Omsi2. Pleasant Polish map, surrounded by Szczecin In this version contains yet one bus route with a length of 7km (15 minutes drive). In future versions, the author plans to extend...


Omsi2 – Nowe Piekary Bus & Tram

Continuation of the Nowe Piekary card. On the map were added tram tracks along with a route along which you can ride. There are 2 routes on the map: – 97 (bus) – 5...


Omsi2 – Add-on Konstal 4N

This is the first large free addon where there is a map (download map) and a tram to it, you will be given a Polish tram Konstal 4N which has 3 configurations (1, 2,...


Omsi2 – VER Wagen 316

VER Wagen 316 bus mod for Omsi2. A fairly good bus accordion VER Wagen 316 for Omsi. Which in general is Mercedes o530G, only edited. What has changed in it: recycled dashboard, new scripts...


Omsi2 – Russian voice of grandmothers

Russian voice of grandmothers sound mod for Omsi2. This addition adds Russian voice acting to grandmothers (which I never found). Do not judge strictly… The nature of grandmothers made grumpy and scandalous (without a...