Category: Omsi 2


Omsi2 – Pak Buildings for Maps

Pak Buildings for Maps. Pak buildings of different number of storeys from the author Goshaproject. Models have winter and night textures. Installation: put the contents of the archive in the folder SceneryObjects and use...


Omsi2 – TAM 190A11 Final

TAM 190A11 Final bus mod for Omsi2. TAM 190A11 – Tovarna avtomobilov Maribor, and since 2001 Tovarna vozil Maribor – Slovenian brand of buses and trucks. There are 5 versions of this bus: P81,...


Omsi2 – WSN Visstran A1 LD

WSN Visstran A1 LD bus mod for Omsi2. A good tourist bus for omsi. Salon and dashboard quality. There are several repaints, as well as several modifications of the bus itself. All luggage hatches...


Omsi2 – Senior Volkbus 9-150

Senior Volkbus 9-150 bus mod for Omsi2. Patch to the bus Senior Volkbus 9-150. Corrects the error with the 3d file, because of what the bus did not work