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Omsi 2 – Neoplan Centroliner n4426 V2

Neoplan Centroliner n4426 bus mod for Omsi 2. double decker bus Neoplan. Once you have got the bus, you will hear the croaking sounds, which tell you that the air in the system has not...


Omsi 2 – LiAZ 5256.26 (2007) Rework

LiAZ 5256.26 (2007) Rework bus mod for Omsi 2. Section fashion OMSI 2 added another excellent work. Changes in this version: Bake the body (this was slightly edited unfolding) Bake wheels The small tuning,...


Omsi 2 – Hyundai Super Aerocity

Hyundai Super Aerocity bus mod for Omsi 2. There is an automatic transmission, its tidy-designed sounds. However, the model all the same not completed. The archive has a large number of modifications of the...