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Omsi2 – Solaris Urbino 18 IV PL 4Door

Solaris Urbino 18 IV PL 4Door for Omsi2. To install it is required:  Transfer the file RUHR_Solaris_PL to the Vehicle folder  No bus is required for bus operation. Addon Gearbox : Automatic


Omsi2 – Repainting Pack for LiAZ 5256.58

LiAZ 5256.58 Repainting pack for Omsi2. Pak repainting features 5256.58 from Dhany . The pack contains 4 real repaints and 1 fictional, I hope that you will like everything. Installation:Installation: if you no repainting is...


Omsi2 – Toyota Land Cruiser 105

Toyota Land Cruiser 105 car for Omsi2. The section of fashion for OMSI 2 was replenished with another excellent work. Very high quality model and envelope machine. Manual transmission. There are several repaints. Suitable...


Omsi2 – MAN Lion’s City 1DTF 1.2.1

MAN Lion’s City 1DTF for Omsi2. First uninstall the other version, then copy the Vehicles and Fonts from the archive to the OMSI main directory. I’ve redone it, now it works on Omsi 2.2.032!...


Omsi2 – Tatra T6B5 Tram 2.0

Tatra T6B5 Tram for Omsi2. in fact it is all the exact same Tatra т6в5,but there are parachka Changes: 1) new door sounds 2) new engine sound Installation is very simple throw TATRA_T6B5_Gladbeck folder...


Omsi2 – Scania CMA Flecha Azul VII

Scania CMA Flecha Azul VII for Omsi2. Enough not the usual another foreign team bus for omsi 2. The SCANIA CMA FLECHA AZUL VII has two transmissions and two doors in the cabin, it...